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Our goal is to motivate our families and communities to get moving and be active en français through sport and physical activity in Manitoba.

You can take part in a variety of ways by volunteering, coaching, or even participating in a number of our programs and community outreach events.

Learn more about our mission, vision, values, objectives, and programs below.

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Fall 2021 - Sports club: Skating

The Sports Club offers youth ages 6 to 16 a beginner skating program in French. The Club promotes progressive improvement in fundamental motor skills, including agility, balance, coordination and speed, and developing fundamental sporting skills through a structured training program taught by instructors certified by the City of Winnipeg. The program supports the Long Term Athlete (or Participant) Development (LTAD) approach. The Skating Club also promotes the inclusion and participation of marginalized and underrepresented Francophone youth.

Winter 2021 - Club Sport: Futsal

The Club sport : Futsal offers French language Futsal initiation programmes for young people aged 3 to 12 years based on the principles of long-term athlete or participant development. It promotes the progressive development of physical literacy and a full range of basic motor and sport skills in a non-competitive context. Certified coaches from the University of Saint-Boniface Reds will teach the up-and-coming players the movements and techniques that will serve as their first stepping stone to the pursuit of athletic and physical excellence.

Winter 2021 - Active Outings

Sports en français offers group outings to try new activities together or to enjoy beloved activities with new people.

Spring/Autumn 2022 - Club sport: Swimming

The Sports Club offers youth ages 6 to 17 a swimming program in french based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles. It will prove beneficial for progressive development in physical awareness and will also provide a complete skill set of basic, yet vital skills in a non-competitive environment! Red Cross certified instructors will demostrate proper techniques and skills that will boost the swimmer's confidence in the water long after the week is finished!

Spring 2022 - Francofun Soccer

FrancoFUN Soccer offers recreational soccer programs in French to children ages 3 to 10 in a number of urban and rural Francophone communities. The program, which combines playing for fun, learning basic moves, and developing motor and sports skills, supports the Long Term Athlete (or Participant) Development (LTAD) approach. FrancoFUN Soccer develops physical literacy, teamwork, and Francophone cultural identity in youth.

Spring 2022 - Francophone Bonspiel

A Franco-Manitoban tradition since 1972, the Manitoba Francophone Community Bonspiel is an annual curling tournament in French that brings together novice and advanced curling enthusiasts to have fun as a community and to celebrate the sport and Manitoba’s Francophone culture.

Spring 2021 - Basket 3x3

This one-day tournament offers fun for all - a perfect opportunity to play basketball with some friends! It will bring together basketball fans of all levels and ages. Together, we will have fun and celebrate sport and physical activity in French in Manitoba. There will be categories for participants under 18 and 18+, as well as men and women, in addition to dunk and 3pt competitions.

Summer 2022 - Sports and Outdoor Camps

The Sports and Outdoor Camps offer youth ages 5 to 12 a variety of sports, physical and recreational activities in French in a number of Francophone communities during the summer break. The program supports and promotes physical activity, health, physical literacy, teamwork, and Francophone identity and pride.