Sports Club: Skating Sign Up Fall 2021

The Club sport : Patinage offers skating programs in French to young people aged 6 to 16 based on the principles of long-term athlete or participant development.

It promotes the progressive development of physical literacy and a full range of basic motor and sport skills in a non-competitive environment.

Certified City of Winnipeg coaches will teach emerging skaters the movements and techniques that will prepare them for any sport, physical or recreational activity on ice.

It supports play and fun in a positive and safe environment.

It promotes healthy lifelong habits of physical fitness and active participation.

It encourages the inclusion and participation of under-represented and marginalized Francophone youth.

It provides opportunities for friendly and social interaction among young Francophones.

It reinforces a sense of belonging to the community and to Manitoba’s Francophonie.

It contributes to the availability of and access to French-language sport and physical activity and recreation programs and services in Manitoba.

It contributes to the sustainability and vitality of a healthy and active Manitoba Francophonie.





FALL 2021

Seven-week or seven-session program.
Saturdays from 23 October to 4 December 2021

Maginot Arena – 910 Maginot Street

1:00-1:45 pm: Beginner level (this class is for brand new skaters)

2:00-2:45 pm: Intermediate level (this class is for those who have skated before)

Maximum of 6 registrations per session

Bertrand Arena – 294 Bertrand Street

3:30-4:15 pm: Beginner level (this class is for brand new skaters)
4:30-5:15 om: Beginner level (this class is for brand new skaters)

Maximum 6 registrations per session


105 $ per registration (form at the bottom of the page)

Sessions are limited to 6 participants. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Your registration will be confirmed only after payment has been received.

For further information, please contact


All requests to withdraw from the program or cancel will be accepted (except the $50 administration fee) up to  7 days before the beginning of the program.


DAS reserves the right to cancel a program or modify the schedule in the case where the desired number of participants was not reached due to unforeseen circumstances.



Kidsport Manitoba 1-866-774-2220 (toll-free) Winnipeg Grant Program 311 (toll-free)


We are limited by the number of people allowed to be in the building and on the ice at the same time, so we have to run small sessions (only 6 children per session) to allow for "physical distancing". In addition, everyone must wear a mask when in the arena (we do not provide masks); and anyone over 18 must be double vaccinated to enter the arena.


  It is the parents' or legal guardians' responsibility to make sure the child has a pair of skates and a helmet. You must ALWAYS wear a helmet while on the ice. A CSA-certified helmet equipped with a face mask is recommended. Bicycle helmets are not permitted on the ice. Wear gloves or mittens while on the ice.  Wear layers of warm clothing while on the ice. Sharpen your skates before the beginning of the program. Figure skating and hockey skates are permitted.